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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How I Voted

Here in New York, I voted mostly for Democrats, including Hillary. I could not have imagined doing that just a few short years ago, not to mention throughout the second half of the 1990s. But such is the state of the Republicans, who are as dreadful, if not worse, than the Dems. From what I know, the Dems picked up some seats in the Senate, but not enough for a majority, and they'll have the majority in the House.

So, it looks like we'll get exactly what I'd hoped for: gridlock, with neither the Dems nor Repubs having enough of a mandate to affect much or any of their real nasty, rights- and life-destroying causes. So long as those two animals, who share the same fundamental philosophy, continue to be at each others throats for the next few years, neither will do anything drastic, and we Objectivists will simply have more time to spread our philosophy throughout this country’s educational system (an effort that is growing considerably now) for a better tomorrow.

I mention that I voted “mostly” for the Dems. I did vote for one Republican, the forgettable Fasso, who ran against Evil Spitzer. I simply could not cast my vote for such a thug of a candidate.


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