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Monday, August 07, 2006

End the Cycle of Militant Islam's Aggression

By Joseph Kellard
August 7, 2006

Israel's enemies are once again at war with her. Today the enemy is Hezbollah, an Iranian-sponsored terrorist organization whose stated goal is to annihilate Israel. But whether it's Hezbollah, Hamas or the Palestinians wagging war on Israel, you are their accomplice who call these continuous conflicts a “cycle of violence," condemns Israel for its "disproportionate" response, and clamor for a "ceasefire."

All these reactions are interrelated and illustrate why Israel's death-worshipping enemies survive to relentlessly wage war on the only free, Western nation in that region -- the fundamental reason they want to annihilate Israel.

When people talk of a "cycle of violence" between Israelis and their Muslim enemies, ask them what they mean by "violence." This broad word denotes the use of physical force to injure or kill someone else. But there are two distinct forms of violence: the initiation of force and the retaliatory use of force. To initiate violence against others, such as rape, assault or murder, is evil. And once a brute initiates violence, his victim has the unequivocal right to fight back, to protect himself by stopping, evading andperhaps killing his would-be rapist or murderer. Such violence is good; an act of justice.

The same holds true for free nations. Since its establishment, Israel has been attacked by its Muslim neighbors, who have always been the aggressors when "violence" has broken out there. So, the actual cycle involves Muslims initiating force against an essentially free nation, while Israel responds with retaliatory force to stop this aggressive violence.

To call these circumstances a "cycle of violence" is to package together complete opposite forms of violence, wipe out their crucial, life-and-death distinctions, and put Israel on a par with her murderous enemies. Instead, Israel must stamp out militant Islam's cycle of aggression against her, and must do this immediately by crushing all her enemies with whatever force is necessary.

This is why we should condemn those who condemn Israel's response to Hezbollah's initial aggression of kidnappings and missile fire as "disproportionate." Actually, Israel isn't being nearly disproportionate enough in its military campaign in Lebanon.

When an aggressor murderously attacks a free nation, that nation has a moral obligation to try to crush this enemy; anything less is a disproportionate response. So just as the United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor and responded with a retaliatory force that eventually decimated two of Japan's cities and lead to the aggressive imperialist regime's ultimate surrender, and just as General Sherman responded to the Confederacy igniting the Civil War by devastating the South, so too must Israel respond with the force necessary to annihilate Hezbollah. And any and all civilian casualties, in Israel and Lebanon, are on Hezbollah's head.

But instead Israel continues to tie its hands behind its back, by pulling its punches to avoid enemy civilian casualties, by merely attempting to destroy the enemy's infrastructure instead of its regime and supporters, by negotiating with her would-be annihilators, by conceding more land to them that she rightfully occupied after past aggressions. All of these appeasing steps only sacrifice Israel and her interests, her right to survive as a free nation, and permit her potential killers to live for another day.

This vicious cycle starts with calls for "a ceasefire." Once Israel shows she is militarily able to defeat her enemies, her foes inevitably call for "a ceasefire.” And Israel foolishly accepts these ceasefires on the pretext that her enemies will abide by their conditions. But murderous aggressors can never be trusted to uphold anything. In short, the ceasefires simply buys the aggressors more time to regroup and plan their next attacks, as they've done now for decades.
Yet crushing Hezbollah, Hamas and the Palestinians, and thereby decisively showing where their death-worshipping ideology leads -- just as the U.S. showed the Nazis that their evil ideas end in *their* death and destruction -- is not the ultimate solution for Israel’s survival, safety and peace. These and other Muslim groups are mere heads of the main hydra in militant Islam's war against the West, the theocracy of Iran.

Iran remains the world's premier sponsor of anti-Western terrorism, and its regime's main targets is the U.S. and Israel. This is made crystal clear by Iran's threats to wipe Israel off the map and its emblazoning the words "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" on its missiles, which the regime is working feverishly to furnish with nuclear heads.

To protect ourselves and finally end militant Islam's decades-long war against the West, America and Israel must immediately and decisively eliminate the source of this threat by destroying Iran's terror-sponsoring mullahs and ayatollahs and their supporters. Nothing less will do.

Copyright © 2006 Joseph Kellard.