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Friday, November 24, 2006

Get Your "Letting Go of God" CD

From Joseph Kellard

Julia Sweeney has finally released the CD of her one-woman act, "Letting Go of God"

The website provides some excerpts from the CD, along with passages from the accompanying booklet of Sweeney's entire monologue.

At the recommendation of some HBLers, including Harry Binswanger, I went to see Sweeney's play in Manhattan earlier this year. I enjoyed it immensely.

As Harry wrote in his HBL review back in February 2005: "This play is a unique combination of the light and entertaining with the thoughtful and profound. It begins with Julia Sweeney's early devotion to Catholicism, and as the play continues, we see issues from within the author's mental frame at that stage of her development. So at the beginning we are told, in monologue, how wonderful Catholicism is, how inspiring, what role models nuns are(!).

"But Julia Sweeney wouldn't stop thinking--i.e., asking questions.
And each question answered pried her a little farther from religion."


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